Nations Preschool

Our preschool church rocks! At CFAN I, Pastor Bill, have a vested interest in how well our preschool church does. Why? All five of my children are graduates of the CFAN preschool “Harvard University” program. Our preschool church is not just a place for games, nor just a place for fun. It is a place where our kids learn the cornerstone principles of our faith.

Our preschoolers learn Christology: Who is Christ? Theology: What does the Word say? and Application: How should I then live? “How can we possibly do that?” you might ask. Simple. . . we do it on their level.

At CFAN we tier everything we do; a preschooler learns that Jesus is Lord on their level and the thirty-five year old learns it more in depth on a different level.  What our preschoolers learn is connected to what our elementary age students learn, which in turn is connected to what our junior high as well as senior high students learn. That way, when the family comes home to do devotions and talks about what they are learning in church, or what they know about Jesus, everybody is on the same page, just on their own level. At CFAN we believe it is not just how you finish the race that counts; it’s also how you start the race that helps propel you to finish the race. Get your kids connected to our preschool Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. Watch as they become the disciples God wants them to be.

preschool Preschool church is available for children two years old through kindergarten at every regular CFAN service. We teach God’s Word with exciting, active, hands-on activities! We believe that even the very young children can apply Biblical truth to their daily lives. Our team works to bring God’s Word to life—through building the walls of Jericho, meeting Goliath, or getting a drink of water from a rock and much, much more!

I value preschool church so much that my wife of over 35 years, Marj, is the co-director of the preschool ministry. Let me tell you, “Momma Bear” protects, imparts, envisions, equips and enlists those kids in the work of the ministry! How many mega-churches have you been to where the lead pastor’s wife is so intrinsically involved and hands-on with the kids of the church? Her co-director is none other than Joan Morris, who was born into this church. In other words, we have put our best into our preschool department because we realize the value of connecting kids at the youngest ages.

CFAN preschool church includes these important components:

  • Free play time at Interest Center stations
  • Worship and prayer time
  • Story time (including props, costumes and acting out Bible lessons)
  • Crafts (hands-on, creative and developed for Pre-School abilities)

Our preschool church curriculum comes from the reTHINK Group. The First Look curriculum was created to give preschoolers a first impression of their loving Heavenly Father.

First Look uses several key strategies so that by the age of five a child will know:

  • God made me
  • God loves me
  • Jesus wants to be my friend forever

Each week includes four simple segments to teach the key truth and weekly Bible story.  This curriculum also includes “Small Talk,” a guide for parents to take with them and start conversations about God at home.