4 Reasons Your Church Should Consider a LED Video Wall

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If you’ve been a longtime churchgoer and feel quite content with the usual projector screens that are used in your favorite or nearest church, there is a way to make sermons and other events better. Projection technology may work well with churches that a theater-like design with outside light reduced for best viewing but not for ones that are well-lit. In well lit churches, outside light if too bright may interfere with the projected view.

Today’s LED wall displays have made it possible to make viewing in churches better both for dim and well-lit houses of worship. Here are some of the reasons that churches should consider LED and LCD screens  for showing church programs:

1. Affordable

At the outset of the purchase LED or LCD walls may cost more than a projector but the reduction in maintenance costs make up for it over time. The added cost for LED screens may be as much as 15% to 20% higher than projectors. However, projector maintenance cost more because the bulbs and light engines require replacement every few years.

2. Energy efficient

LED walls consume less energy which may be up to 40% less than traditional projectors or Plasma TVs. Some even state that LED walls require only half the power that a regular projector needs. Video walls for churches use less power as it is used indoor, This would require less brightness and less power.

3. More vibrant and easier to see

LED screens provide more vivid and crisper images to the viewer as it has its own light source. On the other hand, projectors project an image onto a screen that reflects light. 

The surrounding light or outdoor light may make the images from a projector more difficult to see. Moreover, projected light may appear blurred or diluted with the interference of outdoor lighting.  LED screens only require 30% brightness to show clear images. Text on the screen that is easier to read or sing along to give a better experience to the congregation.

When church events are filmed, images from video walls also look better on camera. Overall. LED walls produce better quality images with higher contrast and color saturation which gives a better view to live or online audience.

4. Last longer than projectors

Projectors usually last from three to five years. A LED wall’s lifespan may be six up to 11. 5 years without much parts replacement. This translates to money saved over time.

Those are just 4 noteworthy advantages of using LED or LCD walls for houses of worship. It can also give the church a more modern look besides giving church services a more vibrant feel to its usually large and high-wall spaces.

 It is eye-catching and is better at capturing audience attention. Video walls can also be customized or expanded when the church grows. Compared to projectors that are difficult to move, LED walls can also be dismantled easily and moved to other locations which is a clever solution to accommodate a church’s changing needs. It can also improve participation and inspire the audience to attend services more often.

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