6 Church Wedding Decorations to Enhance Your Ceremony

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 Church bells, a white dress, a priest, and a blooming couple ready to start a new life together is something that most people want to achieve. Though times are changing and that a lot of people skip a traditional wedding vow, it is still a formality that couples, family, and friends from church-centered communities look forward to.

It may be cool and glamorous to get married in a beach or the country club but marrying in church offers solemnity. It is a holy rite that when received confers a sense of sanctity to a union of two different people.

Depending on the couple, they can either choose a simple or an expensive church wedding. Generally, church weddings cost more than civil weddings. You need to budget for the church fees, the reception venue, food, dress, the car, and the décor. The priest may not allow you to make changes to the altar but you can still make choices in the décor in the areas of the ceremony. Here are 6 church décor ideas you can use for your big day to customize the look and make it special:

1. Use gorgeous flowers

Beautifully set flower arrangements paired with the correct lighting can bring freshness and life to the church interior. Since flower arrangements are eye-catching, they could interfere with the ceremony. Ask church staff where its’ acceptable to place flower decors. It is a custom to leave the flower decors in the church after the event.

 2. Use candles

Candles are an essential part of the ceremony but you can also use this to decorate the aisles for a dramatic or serene effect. They are affordable and can be paired with glass jars for safety. Consider how to present them. You may pair them with an antique candle holder, a candelabra or a modern but elegant holder.

3. Use flower petals and floral pew vines

The aisle plays a major part in the wedding scene. Some couples have the option to use elegant chairs for the event but if it’s not negotiable to replace them with chairs then floral pew vines may be added to give a fresh and natural look to your occasion. If you prefer a traditional décor, go for pew bows.

Flowers are simple, pretty but inexpensive. The bride’s favorite flower can be combined with the bows. Spreading some fresh flower petals can also add a romantic and fresh vibe to the ceremony. The fresh petal will also make the bride’s walk down the aisle look enchanting.

4. Frame the church doorway

The first thing that guests will see is the entrance and doors. You can add some tree branches along with your wedding flowers to adorn the church or chapel doorway. You and your guests can take lovely photos from this instagrammable spot.

5. Christmas lights for evening weddings

They are ideally used for backdrops or illuminating the aisles. It can give a warm glow to the celebration. It can make it look like the stars were pulled from the sky to grace your wedding. White Christmas lights can be used to decorate the aisle which will give it a serene but elegant look. These lights also make a lovely décor in the reception venue.

6.  Rug runners

Instead of the usual red carpet, why not opt for bohemian rug runners or a colorful rug for the aisle. In Finland, a knotted yarn rug is preferred over a traditional carpet. It can give the event a pop of color and make the wedding more memorable. Make sure to tape or secure rug runners to the floor so the bride and bridesmaids heels won’t get caught on the rug fabric.

Tying the knot in a church may be a lot of work but choosing your own church wedding decorations gives you the chance to make it look more personalized. You may need to do a little research but it will be well worth it once you see it on your wedding day. Transforming the church interior may present with some restrictions but working your way around them to make it stunning for your wedding day is a part of the ceremony you should cherish along with the great-looking pictures you can have with it.

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