The Best Christmas Décor Items for Your Home

There is no other holiday like Christmas! Decorating your home during the Christmas season is fun for everyone. Who would not like their home decorated with trees, lights, snow, and snowmen? However, your Christmas decorations are not complete without a Christmas tree, and you can purchase them from a store or online.  There are endless […]

6 Church Wedding Decorations to Enhance Your Ceremony

 Church bells, a white dress, a priest, and a blooming couple ready to start a new life together is something that most people want to achieve. Though times are changing and that a lot of people skip a traditional wedding vow, it is still a formality that couples, family, and friends from church-centered communities look […]

4 Reasons Your Church Should Consider a LED Video Wall

If you’ve been a longtime churchgoer and feel quite content with the usual projector screens that are used in your favorite or nearest church, there is a way to make sermons and other events better. Projection technology may work well with churches that a theater-like design with outside light reduced for best viewing but not […]

How To Pray For Healing

Are you suffering from an illness, or you have a relative or friend with a particular disease? Have you tried several doctors, and things don’t seem to be changing? Well, you may want to try seeking healing from a higher power. Prayer is believed and known to work wonders and miracles. Could you be wondering […]

Are You Plugged In?

It is the passion of every genuine Christian to grow in their relationship with the Lord. Our Wednesday evening focus night is designed to do just that for every believer that calls CFAN their church home. This teaching is guaranteed to lay a strong theological foundation for every believer. You have not completely exhausted the […]

CFAN Nations Kids Church

They tell us we are living in a fatherless generation but that doesn’t have to be true. Whether a kid has a father in the home or not, they can have teachers, even fathers, in the church.   At CFAN we have world-class fathers and mothers that are making disciples of  kids in Nations Kids […]