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They tell us we are living in a fatherless generation but that doesn’t have to be true. Whether a kid has a father in the home or not, they can have teachers, even fathers, in the church.  

Kids Church

At CFAN we have world-class fathers and mothers that are making disciples of  kids in Nations Kids Church. We do not believe that our children are the church of tomorrow, but rather the church of today. That is why something exciting is happening in our children’s ministries.

Our elementary ministries are networked with what our pre-schoolers are learning, and what the youth are learning.  We tier their teaching based on their level of understanding. Our plan goes from our nursery all the way into our college age ministry.

We plan for every step we believe our kids will go through in becoming a disciple. Not everybody needs all the exact same steps but there are certain steps that we all need to take to become a fully functioning disciple of Jesus Christ.

We have amazing Bible classes for 1st—5th Graders on Sundays in Nations Bible School, starting at 9am with a variety of great lessons, fun learning games, and Bible memorization. They will grow in their relationship with God and explore His incredible Word, the Bible! Our classes include Discovering Bible Times, Serving the King, Transforming the World, Following the Faithful and more.

Then, all 1st-5th Graders are invited to our awesome Sunday morning service—Nations Kids Church! Join us Sundays at 10am for praise and worship, games, and Bible fun! Team Leaders will make sure every child feels special from the moment he or she enters the room—and they’ll have a blast learning about being on God’s team!

Lead Pastor, Bill Wolfson

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